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Adept360 optimizes batch Processing and compliance management for the pharma industry by streamlining your entire order-to-ship process and providing clear visibility into inventory levels, order status, supplier schedules, and consumer demand. Besides running your core business functions such as sales and financials.

Deep Features:

Products and product variants

Products and product variants (previously called items and item dimensions) now originate at the enterprise level and are then released to the company level, where they can be further retained.

Released products

Specific functions are included in the new Released products list page and Released product details form for Process Manufacturing Production and Logistics.

Commodity pricing

Commodity pricing functionality is enhanced to allow pricing information to be coordinated more closely with trade agreements. Changes in this release primarily affect the Quantity and margin template form and the Price margin update-lines form.

Improved price calculations

The Complete formula calculation form has been updated to improve access to information for price calculations that involve co-products. All co-products from the formula version appear after the main item (formula item or planning item).

Product, storage, and tracking dimensions

Product dimensions (previously called inventory dimensions) are now split into three distinct groups to support product definitions at the enterprise level. The three groups are:

  • Product dimension group (color, size, and configuration)
  • Storage dimension group (site, warehouse, location, and pallet)
  • Tracking dimension group (batch and serial number)


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